Eric Tjoa
CEO, Owner and Founder, Tjoapack

Eric Tjoa, MSc Pharmacy, Pharm D, is the CEO owner and founder of Tjoapack, an international pharmaceutical contract packaging organisation based in the Netherlands. Eric founded Tjoapack in 1989 and introduced barcoding on Unit Dose packaging, the first to do so in Europe.

His continuous work on innovating pharmaceutical packaging has led to the introduction of 2D data matrix coding on individual Unit Doses in 1999 and, in 2008, as part of an EU funded project, he, together with partners, proved that fully aggregated serialisation from individual tablet to pallet is feasible – a world first.

Eric founded Tjoapack with a clear mission to improve patient safety through supply chain transparency by enabling track & trace. Currently, Tjoapack is working with TraceLink at Tjoapack’s Pharma Track & Trace Centre of Excellence to take the next step towards achieving that mission.
Developing a Safe and Connected Pharma Supply Chain