Jean-Marc Bobée
Former Director, Anti-Counterfeiting Strategy, Sanofi Industrial Affairs

Until January this year, Jean-Marc Bobée  was Director, “Anti-counterfeiting Strategy” at Sanofi Industrial Affairs. In this capacity, he was in charge of the definition and implementation of the industrial anti-counterfeiting strategy of Sanofi. This included identification and evaluation of new anti-counterfeiting technologies in the domain of packaging tamper evidence, authentication, coding, traceability as well as worldwide management of the global Sanofi Serialization Program. Currently in pre-retirement, Jean-Marc is an expert–advisor in industrial anti-counterfeiting strategy and products protection.

Jean–Marc is Doctor of Pharmacy by education and holds a Master Degree in  Industrial Pharmacy from Paris University. He has also an extensive experience in international products development (galenics, analytics & technology transfer) and management of  Industrial Operations interfaces (risk assessment & strategy). Jean-Marc was also the chairman of the EFPIA project on coding and identification of pharmaceuticals in Europe from June 2007 to May 2010.

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