​​  Prateek Lal​​
Founder and CEO, Adept Packaging 

Prateek Lal, founder and CEO of Adept Packaging, is an entrepreneur with a track record of inventing and commercializing innovative solutions for emerging market opportunities at an enterprise scale. 

Under his leadership, Adept Packaging has led the emergence of an industry that provides packaging development as a service, and is the recognized benchmark for excellence in the US and Europe. Adept has made more than a 100 client companies more successful through packaging innovation and productivity, strategic consulting and the deployment of packaging enabled technologies including Serialization and Traceability.
Adept Packaging clients include globally respected brand owners, packaging suppliers and retailers in the Pharmaceutical, Food & Beverage and CPG industries. 
Prateek is an expert on packaging  development and strategy, and frequently contributes to industry publications like Packaging Digest, Packaging World, speaks at many conferences and been awarded multiple US and international patents.
Prior to Adept Packaging, he held roles at Pfizer, Johnson & Johnson and Apex CoVantage. He holds an BS in Packaging Science from Michigan State University. Originally from Calcutta, Prateek is passionate about design and lives in Pennsylvania with his wife and two boys.

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